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  • Battlefield: Tiberian Eclipse

    Hello all,

    I am RedG3, one of the co-leaders for a new BF2142 mod called Battlefield: Tiberian Eclipse. If you didn't already know, Battlefield: Tiberian Eclipse is a total conversion mod for Battlefield 2142 based on the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun RTS. This mod will bring the player into the actual war fought between GDI and NOD, and will stray away from the RTS/building style C&C fans are used to. We have a lot of plans for the mod (a lot of work is still in the conceptual phase for gameplay, units, and game-style), but one of our main goals is to implement a more objective oriented gameplay, including such objectives as infiltrating full-scale bases and destroying targets.

    Our call for recruitment extends to all areas of expertise: Animators, Coders, Modellers, Texture Artists, Concept Artists, Web Designers/managers, you name it. On our staff page, there is a link to an application that you can fill out if you are interested in a position, which can be viewed here:

    Please feel free to drop by our site and forums, even if you aren't interested in applying for our team.

    We hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you for your time,

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    you guys mind if i send you a mammoth mkII walker


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      Also Nod is no acronym, so you need to spell it: ''Nod'' or ''The Brotherhood of Nod''

      GDI is a acronym, so you have to write it all in capitals. GDI stands for Global Defense Initiative.

      I hope i cleared things up now, i will certainly download this mod when it comes out. But if i would find out that Nod would be spelled NOD in your mod, i would devour my computer.