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Any good tips for 30 AA kills

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    dang you already have 50 hrs in AA for the gold? im still under 40 hrs, it will be a while before i'm eligible for the gold.


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      Just over 10 hours to be precise


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        It's been said before, but the second seat in the walker is an AA seat. Anything you kill with those guns counts as an AA kill. Partner up with a driver and ask to do the killing. Have your driver buddy 'soften-up' the targets for you by putting a few rounds in 'em and you finish the job. You've got to take the walker into some frantic firefights, though... and 'no' I don't have this award. =D


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          Originally posted by Fish
          as the title say.. been trying to get my 30 AA kiles but always fall short.. any tips anyone
          Good luck man. I have achieved 29 kills in a round and that is as close I have managed. It is the hardest badge to get unless you can get your clanmates to load up a transport and shoot it down a few times. My guys hate titan so we hardly ever play it plus I hate asking them to do it based on the fact I want to earn it legit like all the others. Oh yeah, and the walker idea is even tougher because the guns overheat very quickly and commanders are always orb striking you the second you stop plus if you dont know the walker pilot, ur really screwed.

          It's the hardest badge to get IMO. I have maxed everything else out a while ago except the PH which I have no intention of getting.