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    Alright these are my tips. With these tips I knifed almost the top 100, and I'm not called the Dogtag Hitman for nothing Bit messy, but I get the job done *coughSogecough*.

    If you wanna knife on Camp G or whatever a SL or just a squad member, take;

    Camo! Do not underestimate it! From far away you CANNOT be seen and heard. So just flank the enemy until you get behind him and uncloak a good distance away from him or your camo buzzing sound will be heard.

    Either APM's, Decoy, or RDX.

    APM - Take APM's if you don't want to leave your knifing spree with a bad KD ratio, lay them down, and watch the bodies fly.

    Decoy - If you're going after a commander(he has sat-track) or if the enemy's team has a good commander. Slap it down, for example, around South Town Center on Cerbere, and you can make your way to church unnoticed (60m radius).

    RDX - Take RDX if you're going after someone you know and he wants to knife you and you want to knife him but you wanna knife him behind his back. And you don't want to duel with him. Whenever your friend comes near you with his knife out just throw down some RDX blowing him(and maybe yourself up, if FF is on) sky high to protect your tags. It works, just ask Slaney

    Other tips:

    Lots of people say crouch and knife when a person is prone but for me I go prone and knife them. Seems to work better IMO.

    If the enemy sees you with your knife out from about 2-4 meters away and has a gun, you can bunny hop until he needs to reload or if his gun overheats, then go for the kill(either crouch+slash, or prone+slash your choice really).

    Or, instead of jumping around like a freakin' jack in the box, you can confuse him by diving(prone) and getting up right away, diving and getting up right away, etc. until he has to reload.

    Hope those tips help, tell me if you wanna practice in an empty server or if you want me to make a vid or something.



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      Originally posted by DutchDude
      Only a fool cares about points.

      What is it nowadays with those points you can get online? I just played bf2 (karkand.. I know I know, but I hate homosexual jet maps), and EVERYONE but me was spamming nades. All game long. So I booted up 2142, spawn, PK PK PK PK, oh boy, died to someone who didn't even aim. So I booted up Oblivion and killed the adoring fan.
      On a serious note (although I DID kill him), why do people care so much about those points? I wouldn't give a damn if they'd wipe my stats. As long as I have unlocked support tree + sprint unlocks, I'd be fine. We just had a guy who wanted to join the clan. He hopped, spammed, and one hit killed me 7 times in a row. When I told him that he couldn't join, he responded with "But I had a lot of points!!!". I said "So? You didn't have fun." Why do people care about an online generated number? For me, skill > numbers.
      I'm a statical freak, and I love stats. Points is why I play. I'm sure I can out-skill you AND have more points. Play me.


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        there's a difference between playing to get points and getting points while playing... you should be getting points and good stats while you play if you're good, but you shouldnt be like "oh yay my kdr just increased" whenever you kill people.


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          Getting a good idea of the range of the knife into youre head is also useful. I think alot of people underestimate the slash range especially when in a 1v1 knife battle. I find slashing early to be extremely effective.

          But as far as points go, if you find yourself raging over lost points then i suggest an uninstall. Its only a game.


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            When u are knifing alwas try to use high ground like buildings so u can drop down and get them and hide behind crates or somthing when u see someone who doent see you and wait til he is in a good position to sneek up on them and alwas try to get behind the frontline of attack it makes things easyier by going camo. and try to get to areas on the map where peolpe like to stand and attack a lower base like sniper hill on cebere landing! try to use you enviroment to sneak up on people to knife them.


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              I got all my knife badges by using the ids because I always got raped using the camo :/

              ids = pwn

              If you see someone not moving for a little while hes probably sniping so its an easy knife kill for you

              You can also see the direction they are facing so you can hide then wait until they look away then charge in


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                Originally posted by Bladeeagle
                That is unless you want to have a slight chance of stats wipe.

                GO on youtube and type in knife and bf2142. You should see a lot of them. Then just watch and learn.
                yer there is one by inzzzane
                helped me alot


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                  Have you noticed how many of those kills in the Youtube vids are spawnkills? Not much technique hiding in camo on the uncap beach in Camp Gibraltar then once an enemy spawns and runs towards the action, you run behind him and knife him...


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                    I'm not Mr. speed-demon on the knife, and I don't care enough to spend hours and hours practicing my dive-jump-cartwheel-slash Ninja maneuver, so for me the IDS is *key* (along with light armor so you can chase people down.) Lurk somewhere near the traffic but not too close, plant IDS, charge in when red dot goes past me. Surprisingly easy, actually- Got the gold knife pretty quickly when I quit trying to use the camo method and stuck with IDS.


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                      ya i use the ids too to get my victoms