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  • Using the SAAW

    Ok, guys I have a question! Overall I'm a very experienced player, very dedicated to my squad etc etc. Anyway the only weapon I cannot use is the SAAW Anti-Air. Can anyone share any effective tips for using this weapon? My SAAW usually locks on, I'll fire twice and the rockets will just fly straight and make no attempt to hit the target.

    I really have no idea how to use the damn thing lol..

    Thanks, Phil.

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    ok, you got the lock on part, which is a no brainer. here are some specifics:

    you have to keep the target in the center of your screen... even AFTER you fire and during your reload animation. this was verified by a dice member on here.

    you'll hit more often if they're hovering, or heading right towards you. after that, your best chances of a hit are if they are within viewing distance.

    lastly, even if they move out of your viewing distance, keep looking where you anticipate they'd be. its a low percentage, but you will get some hits/kills if you stay dedicated enough.

    edit: i don't have many kills (338) but somehow i'm ranked 245th in the world with the saaw. wow... and i never play titan almost anymore. hehe... i'm starting to think what would happen if i did! =)


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      I just posted some tips here