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Throwing down another RDX pack

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  • Throwing down another RDX pack

    I rarely use RDX but yesterday was a special day, This happend to me on several occasions I threw down a pack of RDX, pull out my detonator click the fire button to detonate but instead of blowing up the RDX I threw another pack down, i ended up blowing myself up 1 time like this. Is this happening to anybody else?

    Try to lay down an RDX and right away try to detonate it. For example on Belgrade, when you on a balcony, throw one down and try to blow it up right away.

    Maybe i'm just a n00b with this thing. And no i wasn't bunny hopping

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    You have to wait until the detonator is fully out until you click I think, click early and it switches back to RDX and puts another one down.


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      Ohh, I guess it makes sense.....


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        lag causes this sometimes, i throw a RDX, switch to detonate, and the one i just layed is gone