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    How acurate is the in game fps counter?

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    as accurate as you can get i guess,


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      Yeah those are the most accurate you can get and if you was going to ask, the left numbers are the FPS and the right is the time in ms between frames, theres also fraps to show fps.


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        I'm not so sure about it's acuracy, with all settings maxed telling me 15 fps but seeing a lot less than that.
        With terrain medium, effects medium, geometry high, texture medium, view distance 100% and everything else set low or of I'm averging 35+fps exept orbital strikes which drop to 15fps.
        This is on the pc in my sig which is why I'm having a hard time believing the results.

        All testing has been done on single player


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          The ingame FPS counter is as accurate as you can get. On my PC FRAPS shows exactly the same FPS.

          Why do you have a hard time believing it? Your never going to get a great FPS on decent settings with an X300.


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            I know I won't get high settings on my card, I can't believe I'm getting as high as these (need for speed carbon chugs along with everything set low) but if acurate then I'm happy


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              All medium on a X300SE? Woah.

              I can't even reach 20FPS on all medium on a X700 Mobility.