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Video help openGL wont work anymore

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  • Video help openGL wont work anymore

    Well I have been playing counter strike on the same PC for about 4-5 years
    this is my 3rd steam account (2 got hacked/stolen)
    and I have 357 hours of game play on this account alone

    and this morning when I went to play it said

    Video Mode change failure: The specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in software mode

    which sucks

    I have Vista 32-bit(sucks i know but it gets the job done) on SP2
    ATI-1250X Intigrated video card all drivers are up to date with the monitor and video card

    So what can I do to fix this because software sucks really and I have always played openGL on 1024x760 res with 32-bit quality

    but why all of a sudden is it acting up?

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    Re: Video help openGL wont work anymore

    Can't you change it back to opengl or direct3d?
    If needed, force it by adding to the launch options -opengl or -d3d
    If suddenly it's acting up, somehow something got changed with your video card drivers or settings. Figure that out and you'll be good to go.