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Client Side CPU Lag for mouse and keyboard

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  • Client Side CPU Lag for mouse and keyboard

    Hey community,
    Sorry if an issue like this has been posted already, I looked around and couldn't find anything yet. Feel free to link me of course.

    The issue:
    I have not been able to play Counter Strike efficiently as of late; I now have very noticeable CPU lag. My mouse has a drag to it, and my keyboard responds this way too. The response time isn't sharp like it used to be.

    My basic spec:
    AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core 2.7ghz
    4 GB RAM
    GIGABYTE Motherboard (I'll dig out the model number if necessary--it does have on-board by the way(if that helps))
    GeForce 250 GTS 1 GB
    Windows XP SP3

    I've done all the necessary tweaks I could think of, and still no progression in game-play. I had no issues whatsoever when I had an AMD Sempron 1.8ghz, and Radeon 9800 XT back in the day, until I saw some news about the newer drivers creating problems with CS. I reverted to drivers from the early 2000's and I was set. This was also a reason why I moved to GeForce. And now its just as bad.

    Thanks for everything

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    Re: Client Side CPU Lag for mouse and keyboard

    Usually, if a game starts to lag but was running fine before, you either recently got some sort of virus that is slowing everything down, or a lot of dust has accumulated in your PC. You should try opening up your computer and cleaning the dust.
    How bad is your framerate? (type cl_showfps 1 in the console and check it)