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  • CS would never be the same...

    This forum has been dead for a while, so just for the heck of it, here's a random "what would make CS2 cool" post from Nighthawk's big book of simple suggestions.
    • NPCs
    That simple. I want a boatload of AI civilians walking around, doing their thing. I want to show up on the scene of a terrorist attack in progress to see dozens of workers cowering, working out little personal plots to escape. I want to explode out of a bank as a terrorist with guns ablaze and see people running in chaos down the city street. I want dogs to defend their yards through chain-link fences as my team and I move into position. Pigeons should collect and scatter on urban sidewalks as they react to my team driving up in a beat up Dodge van or an APC.

    Sure, all of that sounds superficial, but I like a little bit of random, unpredictable chaos in the mix. Civilians making smart or stupid decisions, getting in the way, messing up the timing of routes, changing the feel of things each time. Likewise I want pilots dropping my team down or taking off to let me circle with a sniper rifle. Mix it up, let the game be flexible enough that I could have to deal with anything -- from a small stadium full of insane people as my co-conspirators try to take out the President in his skybox, to a bombing situation at the pound where eco-terrorists have just uncaged dozens of rabid dogs and opened the doors as they prepare to destroy the euthanization facility.

    Wanna mix it up a little more? Occasionally let a small the NPCs be armed in one way or another, from police-hating gangstas in the heart of the ghetto driving by with a sawed-off pointed out the window to Joe Vigilante trying to be a hero with his concealed carry license. If he's hurt let him try to escape in his car. Make the world more immersive.

    It'd play hell with competitive play and I don't see it as something the CPL would be endorsing, but with dual-core and quad-core gaming becoming increasingly widespread, let's utilize that CPU power for some massive scale AI eh?

  • #2
    That's nice, but it sounds a lot like something I'd expect from swat5 or 6. But why not? Aren't both games sort of counter-terrorist vs terrorist anyway?
    I've said it before, why not make cs2 a different game? Just seperate it from cs as it is today. Change everything. Make a new game.