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The REAL Battlefield Experience [Video]

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  • The REAL Battlefield Experience [Video]

    If you have not played BF4 for awhile or not bought it yet then this is what you are missing, I think it pretty much sums up the battlefield experience.

    I would much prefer to make a fun video showing the good moments of battlefield (like i did for BFBC2 in but it seems 90% of the footage I have for BF4 is just the broken annoying problems.

    It's a shame really, I just want a great battlefield game to play.

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    Yea, the changes being done in CTE is going to greatly improve the game.

    Unfortunately, the issue is actually Frostbite. I suspected it after seeing the same problems again in BF4 as were in BC2 and BF3 and after playing in CTE, it will never be entirely smooth and "perfect" as some would want it to be.
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      well the changes from the CTE wont be addressing the most of the problems from this video, sure i think the netcode will be better and a few other little things but there is far far more stuff that needs to be fixed and wont be unfortunately.


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        Wow this must be only be pc. I only thing in that video that happens to me on PS4 is jumping over things