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BF4 E3 Questions - 2143 & Starwars

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  • BF4 E3 Questions - 2143 & Starwars

    Ok, i can't help but get crazly exited for bf4! its going to be what bf3 should have been and i can't wait for it, i also can't wait for the xbox one and ps4 (i am a pc gamer but i also like the console exclusives!). Levolution & that dynamic water just finished me and left me mouth watering for more, i can sense already that bf4 is going to be another addictive game like bf2.

    Any way thats not why i made this post, a couple of days ago patrick batch was on game spots e3 stage 2 to show of a bit more of the game-play and answer some questions. I manage to get my question answered which was would we be seeing BF2143 with the arrival of frostbite 3. You can watch him aswer it here watch from 31:55 on wards. Basically he said no, not right now... we dont have time... would it be safe to say that we could be seeing 2143 in the future perhaps 2014 some time? who knows, i think yes is the answer though, LET THE SPECULATION COMMENCE!

    p.s. who knows starwars battle front might have titan mode lol game looks sick aswell (at least the cgi trailer did lol)

    - Anton.

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    Pretty cool! In my opinion I think Battlefront will come out around the end of 2014, while battlefield2143 is probably their next entry in the battlefield series, wich means, the earliest you will see it will probably be 2015, since they will now be focusing on bf4. So I doubt bf2143 will come before that date.

    Update: So I had time to watch the video and I need to admit I always love when Patrich Bach does these interviews and shows us that they are in fact listening to what the community says. That "BF3 had less destruction than bc2 and people wanted the bc2 destruction back" completely melted my heart


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      yea nice to know that they are listening, all they need to do now is break free from ea lol