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[E3]Mirrors Edge to be Open world, says EA Exec

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  • [E3]Mirrors Edge to be Open world, says EA Exec

    A report from has said that the recently announced Mirrors Edge 2 will be an "open-world action adventure game" According to EA Labels president, Frank Gibeau.
    The executive was speaking at the publisher's E3 2013 analyst call, during which he discussed EA's product portfolio for the year ahead.
    EA has focused on a "fewer, bigger, better" software release strategy over the past few years, and it currently expects to release 11 HD and 14 mobile games in fiscal 2014, representing a further decline in its yearly output.

    But Gibeau said EA's release rate "will increase going forward as 'Gen 4' continues to expand and grow".

    "There are probably about five or six new IPs that are fully owned and we haven't announced yet," he added, noting that the publisher may nurture these depending on how the market grows.

    Well we all know that EA execs aren't exactly the most reliable sources, but take what you will from this. Speaking of which, I gotta install Mirrors Edge and try it sometime...

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    Even I am feeling like playing some ME2 again