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Back to Karkand Q/A with Zh1nt0

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    Re: Back to Karkand Q/A with Zh1nt0

    Wow Rambo, no offense but if you are so negative about the game why even play it? I mean seriously you have not had one good thing to say about the game but yet you play it.


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      Rambo you be trolling man, srsly.


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        Fair enough....I like the Prone!


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          Re: Back to Karkand Q/A with Zh1nt0

          My only gripe with BF3 is again, the features not implemented/dropped because the game got rushed AGAIN.

          I think I am known for being a DICE fanboy, but even I have my limits.

          I mean, it took them only seven years to FINALLY implement the laser designators (those were announced for BF2) for recon; and I remember originally, the magic mortar strikes would need the sniper/recon kit to laser paint the targets before being able to fire.

          Map size I am not so let down really; I am starting to like Op firestorm and Kharg a lot. If you travel on foot it's similar distances than those found on BF2 maps, wich if you bother to recall were designed for 128 players originally, but DICE couldn't make the netcode work well at launch, so they just downscaled player counts but let the maps the same; Conquest 64 is in reality Conquest for 128 players, and maps were to be even larger. But I digress.

          What I am somewhat disappointed on is urban warfare; sure, there are a lot of nooks and crannys; but not enterable buildings; Seine Crossing has the most and they are very limited (but recalling how more limited SF was, and how it was inexistant in BF2; it's alright I guess)

          I found the co-op maps much more engaging to be quite honest, I think the co-op maps should had been used as missions for single player; I specially liked the chopper one and the sniper missions.

          Design wise? maps are alright; the only one I feel is cramped is bazaar as it is little more than a box, Seine has more flanking routes; and anyways, you can fit any CoD multiplayer map in just a quarter of the Bazaar map.

          I'm loving the weapons tough, and vehicular combat improves a lot more with unlocks but I see a more refined BC2 "you need an engie with a vehicle as copilot" philosophy; armor regen alone won't get you out of a tight spot.