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Holy snap, can anyone in the UK confirm this?

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    Re: Holy snap, can anyone in the UK confirm this?

    Originally posted by RangerXML
    Agree, now with MW3 dedicated servers not being ranked after yesterdays announcement, this is a serious trap. You can buy BF3, but you have to buy MW3 before that date and send BF3 back, nothing about returning MW3 to get BF3 at a discount.

    Again, in case no one heard, dedicated servers will not be ranked in MW3. Still trying to decide if I should cancel my preorder for once for a COD game, still wanna play the single player (but there are other methods for just that).

    I was thinking of getting it for Christmas, now I don't think I will at all.

    Also, IW.Net was emulated for MW2. I assume the group will have that running pretty quickly for MW3. Huge mistake IMO.
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      Re: Holy snap, can anyone in the UK confirm this?

      If I was Activision, I would fund this then tout how "we" sold 10 billion more copies than BF3 thus ending BF3 and COD declaring ultimate victory. BF3 could be the most amazing FPS of all time, but most people will only see that COD sold more and thus is better. It's funny, I loved COD1, but everything after was garbage. If they would just make a good game I would buy it..poor COD, ruined by consoles, perfected only on PC.
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