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Tank armour hitpoints (Beta)

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  • Tank armour hitpoints (Beta)

    The Germans over in has made a series of test showing how many hitpoints the tanks have left on various parts of the armour after a RPG hit.
    So if the pictures says "65" in a specific point, it means that the Tank took 35 points of damage from a RPG hit at that spot.


    It does seem a lot simpler than what we are used too. No specific weak points like tracks and engine, just front, rear and side.

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    Re: Tank armour hitpoints (Beta)

    That's a shame. Not unexpected, but still a shame. That was one of the great joys of playing Anti-Tank (BF2) and Engineer (2142.) I remember being positively giddy the first time I shot a walker in it's underside vents and it burst into flames. Now the name of the game just looks to be spam rockets as fast as possible.

    It might also mean we'll see less one man heroics. When you know there's one small spot you can hit that vehicle and kill it in one hit, you're always gunning for it. It's like that perfect 300m head shot for a sniper. I'll have to see how this plays out combined with the new disabled mechanics.


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      Re: Tank armour hitpoints (Beta)

      Not sure what I think about this. Hitting the tracks does the same damage as hitting the machine gun?
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