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Adjust your FOV in the BETA

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  • Adjust your FOV in the BETA

    Figured I would post this up in-case anyone hasn't seen it, you can change your FOV, you just need a simple hex editor............

    download notepad++
    go to My Documents > Battlefield 3 Open Beta > settings
    right click on PROF_SAVE_body, open with notepad++
    on line 3, the first text is "70.000000". change that to what you want, i used 85 to give me about a 90 degree FOV.

    it's very buggy, hop in a tank or AA and zoom in and it will reset itself. also take note everyone on the conslishness built in......there's aim-assist, you'll see it in the PROF_SAVE_body file......10th line of the file and it's turned on by default and CAN be exploited.

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    Re: Adjust your FOV in the BETA

    We should bug DICE to remove aim assist from the PC I don't care if some guys want to use their xbox controllers for it. That's not the problem.

    The problem is this bypasses punkbuster, and makes cheating legal majorly; and let's not be naive, if the PC master Race has ever proven something is that there is no bottom to the depths they will sink to get an edge on anybody.


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      Re: Adjust your FOV in the BETA

      I expect that aim-assist line doesn't do anything. Not only has DICE said on numerous occasions that there will not be any aim-assist, but I've tried it and there isn't any.
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        Re: Adjust your FOV in the BETA

        in game sensitivity to max, mouse control panel to an aimbot. not sure if that's the aim assist or maybe just me imagining it but i feel like my rifle kinda "snaps" from target to target.