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Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

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  • Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

    Focus on how BF3 is NOT like BF2.

    for starters; the design paradigm that started on BC1 and continued on BC2 arrives to the main franchise.

    While difficult to see at the start, once you start unlocking things for the different vehicles; it becomes readily apparent this is even more combined arms than before, here is why:

    -While on BF2 "skilled" pilots for choppers or jets could single handedly decide a battle, on BF3 this is not true anymore. JEts and choppers need and provide support to the ground troops in ways they didn't have to before.

    -BF2 is entirely focused on vehicle combat, with minimal support needed from the troops. On BF3, while downplayed a bit, vehicles can decide and will turn around any skirmish. While on BF2 a couple of tanks with an engie and support guy inside could mutually and automatically replenish each other, on BF3, like BC2 before; you have to actually step out and repair (true for choppers too, they just had to hover and engie in a vehicle to get repairs, jets benefitted from this less but could do it)

    -A common complain from BF2 vets is how BF3 like BC2 is a "meat grinder". This baffles me as sooner or later, BF2 maps also "devolved" into furious fighting over a flag. I for one, don't enjoy playing the musical flags where you cap a flag and move to other, then the counter stealth enemy squad captures the one you just captured, cue Yakety Sax.
    True: BF3 is much more confrontational, but strategy is needed. You can't just brute force your way through a barricade or hope for a jet to come bomb and clear the hassle; now you actually have to fight for it. Surgical strikes are much more llamative and appreciated this time around (Specially for Rush mode).

    -Get the funk over it. Rush is here to stay. Rush is not a dumbed down mode, it's just the replacement of "infantry only" from BF2 instead it now has a couple vehicles in it. Perma Karkand if you will; just keep imagining each set of Mcomm is the Hotel flag and that's about it. Without grenade spam to boot, so you can actually do stuff. (and don't lie to yourself, it's not like AT guys never used their AT rockets as antiinfantry.)

    -Supression is in for a reason, use it. Stop saying you can't flank enemies if you don't supress them to allow your guys to flank. Stop caring so much for your accuracy % and start supporting your guys. Oh, and for the love of Jebus, SPOT STUFF; the graphical direction on this game makes everything blend together, it's very hard to see guys hiding in bushes, if you see them FUNKING SPOT THEM. Same for jets and choppers and tanks if in your line of sight, you lose nothing for doing it and you might help the guy about to rush into an ambush while running away from another group of guys. If you have to, call it "reporting positions of the enemy" in your head just so you get over your goddamn mental block on the word SPOT. 3D report position if you must, but please do it. Every time you don't, God kills a kitty.

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    Re: Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

    Nice post and for better or worse, is true. We were talking about that yesterday and Jimy mentioned how a tank rolls in and everyone goes for cover, but dont flee for their lives and instead actually engage the tank.

    Ive said this many many many times, but people will naturally compare a similiar game to what theyve played in the past. Its what they know. For some reason people have this nostalgia of BF2 that was just not true and so they compare everything to it and if its not exactly like BF2 it equals failed. Which is a shame really as BF3 really has a lot of great benefits to a game and playing it could last a long long time as well.

    Id say you need to post this in the feedback section of the Battle Log forums, but we all know how it will get shouted down and torn apart with arguments that do not make any sense.

    BF3 is not perfect by a longshot in the general sense, but it has some incredible potential and I am looking forward to it on release. A few vehicle adjustments and some polishing and it will be a great game.

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      Re: Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

      Also consider the difference between BF2 1.0 and 1.5 I remember one reviewer in particular called the initial release a "bug ridden mess" followed with, "but you forget all that once you get past the load screen because the game is just that much fun."

      I've thoroughly enjoyed my beta time and even with the minor game play issues, am eagerly looking forward to release. The BF community is resourceful if nothing else. People will adapt. Everyone's core frame of reference right now is BF2, but that will shift as people log more hours in BF3.

      I find it hard to believe anyone would play a couple hours of BF2 followed by a couple hours of BF3, and prefer the former.

      I also think a lot of gamers, particularly younger ones, tend to set their expectations to unrealistic levels. That's going to leave you disappointed most of the time. Rather than just evaluate what you get on release day for what it is.


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        Re: Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

        Games change and people don't like change. I am glad the BF series is evolving. Sure DICE made some decisions that people don't like or agree with. Bit if they didn't then everyBF game would stay the same.


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          Re: Instead of focusing on how BF3 is not like BF2...

          I actually like the spotting system, since BC2 i have been spotting enemies, it saves lives. Also it is kind of realistic, i mean reporting enemy positions existed long before modern warfare lol i am glad the spot system is in, i always spot tanks, as well as its great for spotting people you cant see as they camp to cap a flag. I cant tell you how many times that saved my butt from getting killed