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spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

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  • spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

    do some ONLY work if you are driver ??
    (I think you have to be driver to get alt fire/weapon option to work)
    are there 'others' as well??

    and do they all work on helo as well???

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    Re: spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

    Same specs don't stack. If I have quick reload and my gunner has quick reload, you don't get a double reduction in reload time.

    But, specs do stack if you have different ones. If the driver has quick reload and you as gunner have Plus Armor, then the vehicle has both, or that is always how I understood it. Also, if your gunner has smoke spec the driver then has the driver has the smoke ability, but I think his spec take precedence. If he has alt fire, then his spec will override the smoke spec, since they are both triggered with the same button.

    Still, I m not quite sure I m right. I dont remember a reference for this right off the top of my head.


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      Re: spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

      I tested it with some spec like the motion detectors in the MG of a tank and it didn't detect anything even though enemies were close and I'm sure the guy in the tank didn't have the same spec since there was nothing on the minimap. I think specs don't stack.


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        Re: spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

        Okay, I m wrong. Passive spec like damage increase and armor increase work if you are either gunner or driver. Active specs like Smoke, Alt-fire, zoom only work for you, and only work if the seat your currently can use that ability. Smoke ability is only usable from the driver seat. Alt-fire as a gunner on tanks and APCs is just a zoom.


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          Re: spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

          I'll try and summarise:

          V Armor: Works passively whenever you enter any vehicle no matter the position. DOES NOT STACK.

          V Elect: See above.

          V Warhead: Improves your explosives damage from vehicles, does not have an effect on allies in the same vehicles. Only effects explosives, so guns of any kind have no effect. EG A tank driver's shell will not have improved damage if only the gunner has V Warhead, and not himself.

          V Reload: Essentially the same as above, only effects weaponry that actually has a reload time, so all the machine guns are out of the question.

          V Smoke: Only effects AA, Tanks, APC and the UAV (UAV shoots smoke down to target). Only the driver can use this and only when he has it equipped. So if the gunner of a tank has it equipped, both the gunner nor the driver will be able to use it.

          V Optic: See V Reload.

          V Alt Wep: Gives the DRIVERS of Tanks a machine gun, Apcs a TOW Missile, UAV a machine gun, AA a machine gun and Attack Helo's a Tracer Ready Tow Missile. Gives the gunner of an Attack Helo a Tracer Dart. Works the same way as V Smoke.


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            Re: spec upgrades - is there a stackle table?

            guess I might need to edit my question - from STACK to do BOTH players spec get used ????

            i understand = NO - if use the same trigger - eg alt fire and smoke

            and also to include gadgets ( eg learned that gunner in helo can use dart if he has that ability and pilot can then use alt fire for Hellfire)

            still learning the 'tricks'

            thanks all