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Sony kills linux support on PS3

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  • Sony kills linux support on PS3

    on April 1st. The rarely utilized, but nonetheless useful, ability to install another operating system (Linux) on the PS3 will be removed in the upcoming system software revision...
    Sony is quick to point out the install is "optional", but then, if you refuse to upgrade, you'll no longer be able to sign into the PlayStation Network or play any PS3 games (or Blu-Rays) that require v3.21 (or higher).
    Seems strange they would remove it this far into the PS3's lifespan. Not that many people use that function, but it seems it will just annoy the hardcore enthusiasts. Is there a legitimate security concern?
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    Re: Sony kills linux support on PS3

    From what I've read it looks like it was because the guy who hacked the PS3 installed another operating system on it to do the hack even though the hack didn't play copied games Sony probably figured it was only a matter of time before it did. Given that few PS3 owners use this functionality anyway it made sense to remove it.

    Personally it doesn't bother me as I never used the functionality but I'm sure there were a few that found it useful.