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Battlefield 2 does not install on Win7

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  • Battlefield 2 does not install on Win7

    Hi, I just got Windows 7 32bit and it works great! But, one problem. Battlefield 2 does not install correctly on Windows 7. It worked fine on Vista, and 7 is like Vista, only newer techniques. It doesn't install the Shaders, nor the Icons for the game. I install 1.41 and 1.50 patch for the game and STILL doesn't install the Shaders to run the game.
    Please help!

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    Re: Battlefield 2 does not install on Win7

    Battlefield 2 installed perfectly fine for me without changing any settings for Windows 7 64Bit edition. Give another try by right-clicking the installer and selecting the run as administrator and/or changing the installer compatibility mode to Windows XP.

    If that fails install XPM on Windows 7 then install Battlefield 2 on the XPM then move the newly added files to your Windows 7 installation.