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1.5 sound not working

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  • 1.5 sound not working

    OK so before 1.5 my sound was working fine on my 5.1 surround sound system + creative X-fi sound card.

    Now on 1.5, my sound is complete shlt.

    When I'm in any vehical, say a FAV or HUMVEE or jet or helo, all bare the same result - I go into F10 view and its complete silence where as in the previous patch I could hear the roaring of the engine and surrounding area. Now its just silence.

    Even driving a FAV in F9 view, looking forward it is silent. however, when i turn my head to the right or left i then hear the car.

    Another example is being in a jet or helo and flying along and i get shot down, usually id see the burning wreckage and watch/HEAR it blow up while I wait to respawn. Well now its just silence :hmm:

    So originally i thought to myself, well if its just vehicles that are effected then i suppose i could live with that but unfortuneately it doesnt stop there

    when in IO, i sometimes experience complete silence moments even though im not to far away from a big shoot out happening right in front of me.

    Another time i was playing on operation blue pearl and was in the back corner base with the 3 apartment buildings under construction. I was sitting on the roof on one and saw some enemy soldiers and a few of my guys across from me in the other building. I zoom in with my gun on the 2nd floor and try to peg off some guys, i see them shooting @ my team mate but i hear absolutely nothing yet they arent too far away from me. Then they run to the third floor and i continue to follow them with my iron sights and suddenly i hear gun shots everywhere like as if it was normal - even the people shooting off in the distance to the left of me i can hear now. However, go back down and its like im in a sound proof room.

    It seems to me im the only one experiencing this problem so far and it REALLY sucks.

    my settings are set on :
    Creative X-fi
    Ultra High
    X-fi enabled

    ne help/thoughts appreciated. thanks

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    Re: 1.5 sound not working

    What is your OS and have you gone to Creatives website to download the newest drivers for your OS? I'm using Windows 7 RTM x64 (install is about a month old), the last time I noticed the crackling sound was when I switched to Creation Mode, the I updated then OpenAL and when I installed 1.5 I switched back to Gaming Mode and haven't had the crackling sound since (knock on wood). I also haven't experienced anything like you described with the lose of certain no sound issue and with x-fi ultra high sound mode (EAX enabled) I hear EVERYTHING around me (like a pin dropping and guys coming up behind me to try and knife me).

    I would say try updating drivers and OpenAL, best advise I can give from the information given.

    P.S. Windows 7 rocks, big time!


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      Re: 1.5 sound not working

      Go into your sounds setting for your speakers. Go to Advanced and try dropping the sample rate all the way down. Or try raising it to 48000


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        Re: 1.5 sound not working

        thanks for the opinions and thoughts but i seemed to have fixed it another way.

        So for starters, ever since I installed this new patch my X-FI settings are fawked or something is screwed in the software now - I dont know. I've come to this conclusion because I have been watching dvds on my pc a lot the last few weeks (being sick and all) and noticed after the installation of 1.5 that my sound was not only messed in bf2, but on WMP now too!

        the problem in WMP while watching a DVD was that you heard everything EXCEPT the voices - whether they were backround people talking or the main characters - no voice! However, I would hear all the SFX and backround music and all that crap.

        And after reading a forum about XFI creative sounds not being all that and some big debate over XFI not working properly with bf2/nvidia/creative/EA/DICE - I saw some people were switching to audio creation mode. So for shlts and giggles I tried that and then tried to watch a DVD and OMG it workes now!?!? (as does bf2)

        But Im still kind of pissed about this because if i understand this correctly, I have a useless sound card now that provides no XFI (which is what I paid for vs REALTEK 97 on the mobo) because the audio creation mode renders it disabled and furthermore there seems to be no REAL solution in the long run about it because CREATIVE blames NVIDIA and visa versa. What I do know now is that Im skipping out on creative next time I build