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HUGE BUG! HUGE! not just me :(

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  • HUGE BUG! HUGE! not just me :(

    I will copy paste what I said on the official heroes forums

    I downloaded BFH started playing and my brother came into the room saying his internet wasnt working so I went and checked it I then tried my internet connection with BF:H alt+tabbed it wouldn't work every page failed to load... I tabbed back into BFH and it was still going I was full connected etc..

    So now every time I want to play my net connection for everything fails except from BFH this is a huge problem I am not the only one experiencing this either.

    My Board is an Asus Striker II

    therefore I am using an nvidia network I have uninstalled the Network Forceware manager and that didnt help I have run out of ideas.
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    Re: HUGE BUG! HUGE! not just me

    Nice, w2g EA/Dice. I had a similar problem, but changing my routers seems to have fixed it. I had a Linksys and even phone calls over Vonage were a problem, now I have a D-Link DIR-655 and seems to have resolved it. Check the router settings, I remember there was something you could change to manage the traffic (DIR-655 made me lazy, does it automatically).

    EDIT Guess the problem is alot worst then I thought, it killed the internet to my entire network...


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      Re: HUGE BUG! HUGE! not just me

      You could always stop playing BFH, right?


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        Re: HUGE BUG! HUGE! not just me

        lol, trust me I have. The internet didn't come back right away and sometimes when the game crashed internet wasn't restored until I rebooted. Only happens sometimes though. BFH is only an OK game and kills time, but nothing like BF2 or COD4, just doesn't have that hook for me.