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ne1 have good local files?!

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  • ne1 have good local files?!

    im so rage right now @ this new patch.

    not only is it huge, but hardly ne servers on it right now and the ones that are on it are all high ping! so i go and decide to revert back, and i copy the local files in bf2 to bak them up. little did i know i already lost them!

    the frustrating part is i that i had a backup copy of my local files but because i copied the local files in the bf2 folder, thinking they were the most resent to my tweaks and then going ahead and pasting them over my actual backup copy - i just lost them to the stupid originals!

    and windows revert is pure crap, doesnt fix nething you want it to ever!

    so unless someone knows how i can retreive my local files that i pasted over im stuck for a new set of local files.

    preferably looking for something like the one in the stickys but with humour like big bold orange lettering stating "YOU OWNED xxxxx" or funny comments made by other players when they do actions in game like changing "medic here" to "shrooms here!".

    does ne1 have nething along these lines? i got this local file off of someone in here a long time ago but i cant remember who

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    Re: ne1 have good local files?!

    Damn I cryed on the hint you guys missed the backup ^-|-^ shame on you

    no.1 always backup, everything!

    copy / paste ftw


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      Re: ne1 have good local files?!

      i did have a back up its just i saved over it like an idiot, i didnt realize the patch over wrote my locals in the bf2 folder..

      patch 1.5 is so ****, its messed up my pc to the point where im finally being forced to format my pc - not that it was soley the patch but it was the trigger in my computers failing performance.. zzz

      time to look for driver downloads n bak up info