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  • custom nazi level help

    I've downloaded a bunch of new nazi zombie levels but can't seem to get them to work. I'm trying to play them solo to test the levels out.

    I extracted the maps into "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods", exactly like I'm supposed to, but once I launch the game (solo) nothing shows up in the mods section.

    So I copied the mods folder into "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War" also, and now I have the levels show up in the mods section once I launch the game.

    So I launch the game and run the mod like I'm suppossed to, but when I type the console command (/map nazi_zombie_vac for example) nothing happens.

    Is there some important step I'm missing here? This is very frustrating.

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    Re: custom nazi level help

    *for the mods* move this to cod ww support plz

    hmmm.....this is very wierd issue......your mods folder isnt full of other mods is it?......'cause that can cause them to not show up......if there is absolutely nothing in the mods folder i think u should uninstall the game and reinstall it......unless there is some1 out here that has heard of this issue but as of yet i havent heard anything close to this yet


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      Re: custom nazi level help

      Thanks for the reply. I figured out it was because unless you are updated to at least patch 1.1 mods are not enabled. So I got the patch (which was quite huge for doing so little) and everything works fine now.

      (And oops, I thought I put this in the COD:WaW section)