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Possible Pc related changes revealed.

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  • Possible Pc related changes revealed.

    From a swedish Pc gaming Magazine, translated via google.

    "We have some other requirements from the PC players. It is they who comment most on the web. We certainly do not want to make a discarded porting. It must feel like a real PC game. I can not go into details, but it will be more ... more than the console versions." He reveals that they look up possible alternatives to the regenerative health and Infinite ammo on the PC version.

    "Since you do not have the same limitations in terms of servers and online games from Sony and Microsoft on the PC format, check also the possibility to not be limited to 24 players, which is maximum in the console versions.

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    Re: Possible Pc related changes revealed.

    That's swedish.

    However very interesting article. Lot of the same things we've already heard though, easier to get into but not dumbed down, etc etc


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      Re: Possible Pc related changes revealed.

      This network doesn't allow proxies. Can someone translate the full article?


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        Re: Possible Pc related changes revealed.

        Some random quotes

        Battlefield 1943 feels a lot like a much prettier Battlefield 1942 that's a little more balanced, effective and easily accessible, but not dumbed down. And that fits great with Patricks explanation of what target audience they're aiming for.

        "When I was younger I could play Battlefield 1942 eight hours a day. But when you grow up, starts working and get a family you get less time, but you still want to have time for games. Then you shouldn't have to play casual games, this is a game for us that wants the same game experience without spending a huge amount of time on it."
        So even if there's three classes against the original five, all the basic class functions are still there, with a possible exception of the medic. Patrick confirms that it was a hard decision to remove the popular class, but it is related to another design decision. That the health now regenerates, as well as the ammunition.
        So you have an infinite amount of ammo, but you still need to think about reload times. Weapons like grenades and rockets has a small timer though where they are "charged", so you can't spam as much as you want to.
        We can also count on that the other two maps in the game, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal follows the same pattern. A bit more balanced, a bit more symmetric, but easy to recognize.
        This is where it gets interesting...

        We only got to play the PC version

        Not sure if this is a typo or not

        ...and there will be many changes according to Patrick. "We have certain demands from PC gamers. Those are the ones that comment the most on the internet. We absolutely don't want to do a bad port. It will feel like a real PC game. I can't go into details, but there will be... more than the console versions."

        He does reveal that they are thinking of options to the regenerating health and ammo for the PC version. Since you don't have the same limitations from Sony and Microsoft when it comes to the PC format, they are also looking at not limiting the player numbers to 24, which is the max in the console versions.
        Battlefield 1943 will be released by digital restribution channels to the summer, weigh in at about 400 MB and cost about 150-200 SEK (€ 15-20). It won't be purchaseable in stores. And what the future is for the game, Patrick remains a bit quiet about. It all depends on how well the game is recieved, but if it gets popular it's far from impossible that the team perhaps will make us a few new maps.

        And even if it looks like DICE has targeted entirely on making mini-Battlefields, that doesn't mean it's the only thing they're doing. "It's not our plan to make many small games, it just turned out that way because we had the opportunity." And for those looking at the "real" successor, they don't have to worry. The Executive Producer of DICE, Ben Cousins, have said that the studio is working on five Battlefield games. So the "real" successor will be here eventually. But until then, Battlefield 1943 looks like a very promising game in between!