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Laggy cod 4, all gfx settings.

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  • Laggy cod 4, all gfx settings.

    I am so mad, I'm at a lan and pretty much ready to leave. At med settings and even the lowest possible settings the fps is around the same maybe 50-10. I'll get 70 sometimes not doing anything. Comes from a fresh reformat, only teamspeak,vent, cod 4, and source installed.

    amd 3500
    1gb ram
    500gb hd

    Motherboard is an M2n-e

    On another rig, ive had the same problem, link I had the M2n-e SLI version

    Whats going on? I know it can handle the game (I know its not the best rig)
    but this is garbage, i want to punch the monitor.

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    Re: Laggy cod 4, all gfx settings.

    maybe try using a config file like the ones on'll help boost yur fps by leaps and bounds
    honestly i tho i think that anything above 30fps is really doing good.....buts thats imo :P


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      Re: Laggy cod 4, all gfx settings.

      In the texture options change it from automatic to a medium setting.

      Also, if this is a fresh install, have the latest drivers been updated?

      Turn off Anti Aliasing as well. Shut down the smooth smoke edges.

      Did you tweak any of the FPS settings? I cant remember the commands off the top of my head anymore, but there were some settings to raise the fps levels and such. Like Joe mentioned, bashandslash will have some of that info as well.

      Any antivirus running? You didnt mention that being installed, but if it is, you might turn it off and see if it improves.

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