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  • New Bad Company 2 interview

    Here is a new bad company 2 interview with new screen shots.

    Its been google translated, so it does not read perfect, but good enough

    Better screen shots here;-

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    Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

    half the interview is him saying i cant answer this and that and blah blah blah. I do like the quote of pc useres will get what they need .

    Dice employees must be forced to take a Interrogation resistance course before they start or something lol.


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      Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

      Thanks for posting

      I especially liked the part when he said that BC2 would be much larger scale than BF1943


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        Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

        I like them saying that the PC version will be different to the consoles


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          Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

          Can someone translate it for me? This network doesn't allow proxies.


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            Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

            The screenshots look really good. I especially like the one with 3 shots of the building collapsing into rubble. I'm very excited for this game and very happy that they are putting it on PC this time around.

            While overall, I really enjoyed the first one, playing it on the PS3 with the dual analog sticks still feels pretty clumsy to me, though it's better than some other FPS console games.


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              Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

              Originally posted by Deesies
              Can someone translate it for me? This network doesn't allow proxies.
              Here's what I can see:

              We have guys from the recent DICE in Stockholm, attended. We have not only the phenomenal view from the roof terrace of the building and we enjoyed using the first moving images of the graphical qualities convinced, but also with Producer Patrick Bach on the Battlefield series in general, and the B Company specifically spoken. Even if it turns into a dozen subjects initially wanted nothing to say or could we have remained stubbornly ...

              4Players: What makes the Battlefield franchise in your eyes to something special compared with all the other (team-) shooters out there?

              Patrick Bach: It is always difficult to answer. But one of the largest main difference lies simply in the fact that it Battlefield games. These always work according to the sandbox principle, offer a large game world, many different vehicle, lots of weapons and gadgets. It is simply fun! Bad Company, and since then also including the "destruction" and the focus on a (solo-) campaign added. Sure, Battlefield is also a first-person shooter, so you have to be measured with many competitors. But you put all this into consideration what I have just enumerated, we are in my opinion in a good position to offer something unique - particularly in relation to the vehicle and the online experience.

              4Players: The last time I bit of the Bad Company saw the four guys were sitting in a truck full of gold and made from the dust. How is it that they are now back together but to have to fight for their lives?

              Patrick Bach: That question I can not answer. I had a really good answer to that, but I can not yet enter. Tut mir leid. I'm sorry.

              4Players: In the presentation we have just a rail-view sequence. I can not remember that there is no such thing in the first part was. Why did you decided to implement such sections and will give them more?

              Patrick Bach: I can not yet say how many rail sequences actually will be. However, what we in the earlier demonstration wanted to achieve, was the variety show the one in Bad Company 2 Expected. This is true not only for the scenes and in respect of weapons handling, agility and soft fails, but also for the introduction of new game elements - as well as the rail sections. We want the player to a large variety and offer various types to show how the title can play. It is the player very much cool stuff to show what was not previously possible. We actually strengthen the well-known sand-principle by the player sometimes limit his options. If it is then removed from these situations, fires, he is feeling a little more control over the environment, instead of him constantly all freedoms, which sometime can be boring. So we bring more variety to the gameplay.

              4Players: Can you tell us a bit more targeted to the variety of the scenes concerning tell?

              Patrick Bach: No, not really. The goal is simple, they are very varied way. In the first Bad Company, this was rather a weak point - to say that we have even more variations in the game and the scenes can make. In Bad Company 2, we just now put them into action.

              4Players: In the first part had to be still looking for hidden gold crates. Will it near Bad Company 2 as go or something similar type?

              Patrick Bach: That question I can not answer. The exploration will play a role and you will have enough opportunities, areas to explore. Even in matters Armory will find ... Also in this area it will be very varied approach. Moreover, the characteristics of the weapon closer to the reality.

              4Players: This is probably also for the sound, right? During the presentation, it just really gekracht ...

              Patrick Bach: Yes, absolutely! We give ourselves a great deal of trouble in the field of audio and even Bad Company 1 had already made a damn good sound. The second part is even better sound ...

              4Players: What can you do to the multiplayer modes that?

              Patrick Bach: Nothing [laughs]. I can no more than something about the focus of tell-Squad, which we pursue Bad Company 2. Perhaps you have already played Battlefield 1943. There, they use a slightly smaller variant of what we intend in Battlefield Bad Company 2. You can join squads, play with them, trace them and also inside, and along with the squads ascend in rank, etc. It will also straight from the game clans and set up online with them into battle to scrutinize.

              4Players: Will you also new equipment and skills can be unlocked if one ascends in rank?

              Patrick Bach: Difficult question ... But I will not say more about this.

              4Players: In the first part was the AI is usually very passive on the road. If you are for the second part a little change or maintain the principle?

              Patrick Bach: I can not answer this question.

              4Players: Bad Company was a pure console game. The second part is on the other hand, also for the PC. Where does this sense of change?

              Patrick Bach: Because there are so many PC users there who are complaining we have not been able to play this title. We have the Bad Company-project than a mere console production is created because we felt that the PC community is not considered good enough for them would be, because PC owners are entitled to a certain degree of authenticity and realism, if it comes to weapons and equipment goes. When we published it, the PCler came to us and asked why we do not also for the PC have published. It is a good Battlefield titles, so why can we not play him? And we replied that we thought that they did not want to have. But Frostbite is also a PC Engine, so we have no major problems, the game on the PC to bring. And we do now in the second part too.

              4Players: Will there be differences between the PC and console versions?

              Patrick Bach: Yes, there will be differences, but I can not go into detail. We both want the same game experience, but must accept that the PC must be something else. Let's put it this way: We will ensure that the PC audience that gets what it needs.

              4Players: Do you not worry that some players say they prefer the cheaper Battlefield 1943 online play instead of 2 for Bad Company to purchase? Power you can not even compete?

              Patrick Bach: We actually do not see this as a risk, because the multiplayer experience of 1943 is very much accessible and based on the 1942-focused experience. If we take the multiplayer components of Bad Company 2 unveil, you will see that this is not the same, but huge, respectively, when it comes to the intensity and the general flow goes. We have the quality of the game increased so so ... I think the quality of 1943 is already higher than that from the first Bad Company, but in Bad Company 2 Load times we do a thing. So I do not worry. There will be people who continue to play for 1943, but it will not be the same target, which we at Bad Company 2,.

              4Players: Thank you for the interview! __NEWCOL__


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                Re: New Bad Company 2 interview

                aw lame, they just spoiled the end of BC1 D: