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  • Armoured Gear Is Coming!!

    I'll Keep Updating This Thread With Tid Bits, Trailers & Final Project could get there own thread pending.

    Ladies & Gentlemen Of TotalBF2, Because this was my first BF home, i chose here to unvail my current BF2 project. I was going to wait to release a trailer at the same time as releasing this news, but i'm that excited i had to release this news now.

    The Debut Machinima of S.Ramsden(TheGameArtist) "Armoured Gear".

    I'm tempted to spill the entire content of the production right here and now, but i'm not going to, i think i'm going to just leave you with this brief information, and 3 screen captures.

    Armoured Gear's production was officially started mid 2008, but with little resources available and a tough story to crack it was put on the shelf. Now in February 2009 with a fresh start, Armoured Gear was put back into production, with weeks away from its final form Armoured Gear is once again ready for the public eye.

    What It Features:

    Armoured Gear is a BF2 Machinima backed with a brilliant story and lots of custom material. With completely customised backing tracks & freshly laid special effects Armoured Gear sounds & looks like a feature length CGI Film. To go along with all the custom material a mind blowing soundtrack rips you out of your seat and glues you to the screen right until the very end.
    A Unique feature of this Machinima is the combination of voice acting. Already existing game voice acting is entwined with real to life voice acting right from GameArtist himself.

    This Statement was released for this unvailing.

    GameArtist(Me): "I created the concept for Armoured Gear a long time ago, actually putting it into production was another thing. I took my first shot at it Mid 2008 but failed and failed hard. I continued to learn more techniques with video editing software and the BattleRecorder Program, which brought me to my second wind, i re-instated the idea for Armoured Gear and began filming immediately. I originally was going to release a small 5 minute film which was already in production, but halfway through i had a brain storm to go the full distance, my self thoughts were, why make something that won't be worth the time its filling. So here we are, Armoured Gear should spread a gap between 15 to 20+ minutes, a full worth while production.

    Armoured Gear was inspired by lots of different things but one main production in general, Metal Gear Solid. I was always mad on the MGS series so i decided to make something with its class of story, only with my own twists, some people may not like what ive done, some might love it, who knows, only time will tell."

    Armoured Gear is still being edited and some sections filmed with the help of many players here at the TBF2 forums, new updates will appear here first as an exclusive to the TBF2 community, that is a promise.

    I know this isn't much but i thought rather than come here and just post nothing but text, here are 3 Screen Captures of some of the Basic action in The Newly Renovated Armoured Gear, there are also 2 video's that were originally composed in the mid 2008 production of Armoured Gear, Enjoy.

    Armoured Gear - Feng In Flames

    Armoured Gear - Calm Before The War

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    Update 27th February 2009

    Quick Update for you guys, here is a 40 second preview for you
    This is not a trailer, its a teaser of whats in store for the final version of AG.
    NOTE: This is not the final version of the quality of AG, this is simply a test run of what could or couldn't be. Sounds, scenes and voice overs can and most likely will change.

    Other news, the editing process has fallen abit shy of self made deadlines due to some unprodictable resolution problems. Other than that, everythings going quite well. You will see the resolution problems when you watch it guaranteed, these are being worked on and will be resolved sorry in advance.

    Some of you might say, well whats the point of a 40 second teaser, just give us something more later on down the line, i answer, this is for promotional purposes only.

    Without Further Adue, Here you go.

    Youtube: [media][/media]

    Vimeo: [media][/media]