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Can't see objects far away

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  • Can't see objects far away

    Hi all,

    When I'm flying in a helicopter as a gunner sometimes my pilot tells me there is a tank (for example) straight ahead some distance away, but I can't see it. It is only until we fly closer to the tank that it magically appears, so I can see it and am able to shoot it.

    Sometimes when I can't see something, after my pilot tell me he's spotted it I shoot the TV missile in the general direction we are facing, and when the object appears I have to quickly guide it onto the target.

    Is there any reason why I can't see these objects? It happens to both vehicles and soldiers. My draw distance is up at 100%, and I'm still fiddling with the video options to see if I can solve it there, but surely it has to be some kind of graphics issue if my pilot can see them straight away and I can't?

    At the moment everything is on medium, fancy stuff like dynamic shadows are off and resolution is 1280x1024.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Can't see objects far away

    Geometry needs to be on high. Also, you can spot things with the commo rose further than you can see.


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      Re: Can't see objects far away

      It happens even with geometry on high. I wish there would be Ultra High settings like it was planned at first.