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Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

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  • Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

    Anyone else has this problem?

    Installed the new driver yesterday night, shutdown my computer.

    Back form work today, started pc - everything is fine.

    Starting BF2, joining server. Optimizing shaders.

    2 min gameplay - BOOM, BF2.exe has crashed.


    In log viewer from Windows, it says pbcl.dll error something.

    What's this about? I've update Punkbuster twice - stille the same

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    Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

    Roll back the driver in the meantime?


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      Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

      theres no need to update your driver unless you are buying some of the newest games

      I found one that works and never updated since

      only brings problems


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        Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

        Imo it is worth updating them now and but always keep you old ones (ones that work) handy in case you get lots of problems.


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          Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

          The best thing to do would be to roll back your driver, updating a driver should only be done if you really need it, like your installing a new game on your pc that demands them. Here's the easiest way to do that:

          1. Log on as Administrator.

          2.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

          3.Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

          4.Navigate to the device you wish to roll back, right click the name of the device and choose Properties.

          5.Click the Driver tab and then click Roll Back Driver.

          My experience with updating drivers for my GPU is really bad, I always seem to get some issue playing BF2 when I do a driver update, so I just do what most members above me have posted, find one that works and stick to it. Predragjanjic is correct about installing new drivers, it will most likely bring problems.

          About your pbcl.dll issue, I found this off the evenbalance website:

          This issue can be from a program that conflicts with PB. There are a few known program that cause this:

          Get Right
          DU Super Controler
          Macro Toolsworks
          Girder 3.2
          PRTG Traffic Grapher
          CyberCorder: cybrcrdr.exe
          Paessler Router Traffic Grapher: prtg4.exe

          Closing those programs, or any like them that contain user or kernel level debuggers should stop the problem.
          I keep getting kicked off of servers and I see messages about INIT FAILURE or technical errors about pbcl.dll or pbag.dll, or messages about DISTRESS or Update timeout ... what is wrong?

          These problems are almost always caused when your PunkBuster can't keep itself updated for some reason. Sometimes they are caused when the server you are trying to play on is running an old version of PunkBuster. If this problem happens only on one or a few PB Servers, then the cause is likely that those servers are outdated; in that case, you should avoid those servers. If this happens to you on every PB server you try to play on, then please click here for help on getting your PunkBuster updated.


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            Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

            All the new games play well on Driver 178.13 and works well with BF2.


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              Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

              Still use 84.25 forcewares! haha, but yaaaaaa I'd say either roll back your drivers or do a re-install of the game


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                Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

                I have the 180.48 driver it works good


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                  Re: Nvidia 180.48 driver crashes BF2

                  there is a new beta driver that was put out for GTA4, you can always give that a try but i don't think your problem is the driver per say but a conflict. be sure to delete the cache in your bf2 my documents folder as well.

                  C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache