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Unhandled exception caught

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    Re: Unhandled exception caught


    Ok, found the cure in another forum

    "Run dxdiag and check if any of the sound devices is "emulated".If is, run regedit and search for words "device presence". Change emulated to 0, VXd to 1 and WDM to 1. Find all of them and change.

    Worked for me. "

    And for me...


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      Re: Unhandled exception caught

      none of these worked for me yet gonna grab a $10 non-realtek soundcard after work and see if that helps...


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        Re: Unhandled exception caught

        JD has posted info on 1 particular instance of this bug, and a possible work-around:

        Originally posted by JD_2020
        ** Unhandled Exception Caught - Possible Solution **
        Posted: 1 hour ago

        Hi all,

        We have successfully located one scenario in which an Unhandled Exception Caught crash will always occur. We are presently investigating the possible solutions we can implement for a future patch.

        The Scenario:
        If you have all recording devices disabled in Windows, and connect to a voice-chat-enabled server, the first teammate to press their voice communication key in-game will cause you to crash-to-desktop with the Unhandled Exception Caught error message.

        The Solution:
        Make sure you have at least some recording device enabled in Windows if you intend to use the Voice Chat capabilities in CoD:WaW.

        Alternatively, disabling the Voice Chat functionality in-game altogether will permanently solve this specific instance of Unhandled Exception Caught, regardless of the server settings for which you are playing. You can accomplish this by going to the in MP or Co-Op and Disable Voice Chat.

        Important: there are likely other causes of the Unhandled Exception crash related to driver compatibility issues which we are actively investigating. The above fix is in no way intended to solve every occurrence of this type of crash. However, some of you may be experiencing it for this reason and this reason alone, in which case your Unhandled Exception days are over.