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Rock band or GH3?

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    Re: Rock band or GH3?

    Now, I got mine for the PS3, but I got RB2 with all of the instruments and then the GHWT guitar kit for that game. I thought GH's gear looked better and such, but it is doing horribly in the quality dept. And luckily, Sony finally stepped in and made it where all of the peripherals have to work together, woot.

    RB2, it's much better if you're going to play with more than one person i.e. a band, it's done much better. There are other points also like, you can bring a person back if they fail whereas in GHWT, if one person fails, you all have to start over.

    Now, just for guitar, I really like GH. The guitar in this game feels great also. And, the tracklist is amazing. As far as song choice, GH wins, great songs for almost every single one. But if you want to pay extra in the long run, RB has a lot of downloadable songs. The singing is not done as well in GH as in Rock Band imo.

    Drums: I almost bought the GH band set, however I've heard of how GH keeps failing quality wise, just google it. They used a tiny bead of silicone to hold the sensor wires under the drums, and people are going back and saudering them to fix it. They have the cymbals and should be a better quality, but the quality of construction is not holding up. So the Rock Band drums are doing better quality wise. Also, they have add on cymbal kits for the new RB2. You can add 1-3 cymbals. Youtube that if you want to see them in action.

    Guitar: Definitely better for GH. I'm just not a fan of the RB guitar and they still haven't improved it much. Somewhat of an opinion, I know, but also the quality, features, and improvements easily let's GH win here.

    Singing: RB does it better imo. I don't like the little dot deal in GH and it doesn't seem as accurate.

    Bass: I always let the new person who can't play the other instruments play this lol, so I don't have a lot of experience. People with RB always enjoy it, but hadn't played GH with it.

    RB2 = For full band experience, singing, and maybe drums (depends on if you want cymbals, which can be added on)
    GH = For single guitar experience, and maybe drums (depends on if they hold up)



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      Re: Rock band or GH3?

      GH4! for the win!


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        Re: Rock band or GH3?

        I always liked GH series but it depends on the person.


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          Re: Rock band or GH3?

          You may also want to consider that some of the instruments can be used for both games.
          Take a look at

          ETA: Ok, who resurrected a thread that has been dead for nearly a year?