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Battlefield 2142 on Frostbite Engine.

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    Re: Battlefield 2142 on Frostbite Engine.

    Originally posted by di di MAU
    I disagree, it should be 100% destructible. Bring it all down. Hide behind an APC or tank for cover.
    If you go for 100% destructibility, it would depend on how easy it is to destruct. It would really suck by playing 5 minutes into the game the whole map is just flat with some walls standing around and even those are not giving any cover.
    Even by ending the round I would like to have most of the map still intact rather than everything flattened. Just the possibility to destruct everything shouldn't mean that everything goes down as easy.
    For example, place an RDX on a wall and you will get a nice little hole in there through which you can snipe or something.


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      Re: Battlefield 2142 on Frostbite Engine.

      Honestly, destructibility sounds great. But, it didn't play out that way. It became boring very fast.

      In the real world, as a soldier the first thing you do when stopping for any length of time is to dig-in and create a defensible position. Games don't come with entrenching tools and the ability to deform the environment so that doesn't work.

      But, I understand that one really can't tell anyone anything they don't want to hear. Besides, why should you trust me? You don't know me. I could be part of the Console Gaming Crusade -- determined to undermine all PC gaming activities.

      /sarcasm lol