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2 min clip I made for WOoKie sniper clan

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    Re: 2 min clip I made for WOoKie sniper clan

    Originally posted by **L96A1** View Post
    HI sarciss, i will start of by saying that for many years now i have had real respect for wOokies, as i know just how deadly you guy's are when you have a sniper rifle in your hands, (VERY DEADLY).

    I have just watched your vid and think its just great, but they always are, you can't expect anything less from a wOokie, i also watched your drag shot training vid while i was at it and am very impressed with that too, but it just gives me the feeling, ''HOW do i fight someone like you'' its just pretty much impossable to take you on and win, you are just so fast.

    As you can tell by my name here, i like sniping too, and its pretty much all i do in BF2, and my rank is a colonel (would by a two star if i had the tank time), but am about 8-9 times slower than you at sniping, i can't do quick shots, i need to be sure i have someone spot on in my cross hair before i pull the trigger.

    But what i did notice yesterday when i made a new account, and i decided i was not going to bother keeping my accuarcy high, just to try and quickly shot anyone i saw, and i noticed that i got alot more kills than i would normally, but i was been LESS accurate than normal too, so i can only think it comes down to chance, the more bullets you put down range the more chance you have of hitting your target, but with you it looks more like skill than just chance, so keep up the good work, unless you are sniping me LOL.

    I also would like to tell you of the time i was in your clans server, and i came face to face with the formidable drykil, (within 50M of each other), we both had the 50CAL and had both got a body shot on each other too, then we both quickly took cover behide a small hill, i waited till i had the next round in the chamber and poped back up, drykil was still hiding, and as i had my cross hair above the hill when he would pop back up from i could then see his red name tag, and he was also moving so he would come up from a different place, then all of a sudden he pops up and am dead before he is even fully standing up, after he poped up it must have onlt taken 150-200MS for me to die, and the ponit am making is that if it had been anyone else other than a wOokie i would have been left thinking hacker, i guess it just shows how good some people can really be, and not to always missjudge people and cry hacker.
    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I've gotten to where I am due to a couple key factors. I ONLY ONLY play the sniper kit. I have 1,686 hours as a sniper and the only reason Medic is at an hour and a half ( 2nd most used kit ) is because I borrow dead medics kits to drop first aid for myself but immediately change back to my sniper kit. The other factor is I train for many hours in BF2 land which most people don't do. I've spent hundreds of hours training for drag shots, long range, sniper spot locating and strategies so that when I'm playing an actual round I can be good at them. Training though can get intensely boring as we all log into BF2 to PLAY, not train shooting walls and objects destroying our weapon accuracy stat But I do. I laugh when people check my rifle accuracy and think how 40% is so BAD. Well, you train for hundreds of hours shooting objects or just randomly shoot things during actual rounds and see what your accuracy goes down to. Mine is still 40% lol. Tbh, I don't care about's a game. That and the fact I wouldn't be where I am now if I was picky about it bc I'd never "waste" bullets on training or having fun shooting objects during game play. Anyone can get as good as me as long as they are willing to " do the time ".

    Re: drag shots and luck. The more you do them and practice them the less " lucky " you will get. You get used to the mouse movement and clicking of the button as time goes by and it just becomes a natural feeling = skill vs luck. If ur not used to it and don't know how to do it then yes, if you hit something it's complete luck. Just like long range shooting. If you don't know when to click the button on a moving target then it's pure luck if u hit him. If you know to click when their body gets to a certain point then that's skill aka knowledge.

    Drykill is one of the better WOoKies btw =). Any little factor that you use to speed up your shots gives u the advantage in a fight for sure. I do the same type of thing daily ESPECIALLY due to the drag shot method. So if you keep going with the training you will do the same to others and get your due hacker accusation from people. I made the tutorial for other snipers to get good at it so they can do well against others. The time actually put into it will determine how far you can go.

    If you or anyone have questions about sniping methods or w/e you can XFire me: Sarciss