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any possible problems?

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  • any possible problems?

    well, i dropped my laptop on a wooden floor last night, and i dropped it on its corner on the hard drive side. when i turned it back on, it gave me an error screen. i called Dell tech support, and they said my hard drive is dead (the shock waves from the impact completely messed it up, but everything else is fine), but they are sending me a new one, which will arrive thursday-friday. im going to need to reinstall BF2142, as well as my other games.
    but that got me thinking: will it still allow me to install BF on my new hard drive? i have heard that it only lets you install it with the cd key that it came with only once. is this true?
    i hope not.....

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    Re: any possible problems?

    No that is not true.

    Happy re-installation.

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      Re: any possible problems?

      What Crunch said, you shouldn't have a problem. It won't let you create a NEW EA account for it, but if you just use the one you have been using you won't have any problems

      I used to reinstall all the time, I haven't done any reinstalling since 1.4 came out though.