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    I now there are no doubt a few servers out there that have a no kamikaze rule. I happen to play on one and for the life of me I just don't get these folk who instantly assume that because you have crashed in to them that you made a decision to kamikaze them. Seriously I do quite a bit of piloting so it is an inevitability fact that at some point I am gonna leave it too late and hit whatever I was aiming at.

    Really if your one of these folk that automatically assumes that the guy who just flew in to you did it on purpose have a think before you open you're wide mouth and start throwing abuse. Now does it benefit that guy to crash in to you for the sake of maybe a single kill or does it benefit him to stay in the sky and hit as many targets as possible and maybe just maybe he made a mistake?

    I am sick of the idiots that just assume because you hit them you had decided to go kamikaze on their ***. It came to a head today when on the UKWF servers I got tagged by a Chinease transport whilst flying in the F18. The fact that I had 23 kills to 2 deaths meant nothing I must have been a kamikaze and even though the kill stat said I HAD BEEN KILLED BY THE OTHER GUY, (I read that as him flying in to me) the abuse came.

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    It can be quite frustrating when you have waited what feels like 5 minutes for your plane to take off and get "rammed" though and in the heat of the moment you do blame it on the opposition.


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      lol when that sort of thing happens just palm it off.. some people take games FAR too seriously to the point where its almost sad.. even if someone intentionally kamikazed me i wouldnt really care lol.. for me these types of situations add dimension to the game.. keeps it interesting


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        lol that is why i hate attacking helos. i always accidentilly clip them because alot of times they climb and fly backwards to avoid what they think is an enemy helo with a TV on the way.

        The only time that i tried to kamikaze, emphasis on tried, was when i was bored on dragon and decided to try to hit one of the 2 cobras that was flying around my spawnpoint with my chinese shoebox. i failed miserably after about 5 minutes of near misses and lots of lols from the pilots


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          I remember I was focusing on a divebomb, dropped my bombs and when I pulled up I crashed into the happy soloflying chopper of an admin of the opposing team. I was kick/banned by Punkbuster/Admin for RAM:x. Since their clanname was DumbSoldiers I didnt bother to go back.


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            People it's a video game and middair collisions happen all the time for all kinds of reasons. Sh*t happens to good people - just get over it.

            Maybe in addition to commanders and squad leaders, they should patch it to include an air control tower chief and assistant to control the skies so to speak. Perhaps something to look forward to in BF3?

            They'd make points for every time planes re-arm / re-fuel and DON'T collide. For kamakaze instances - well maybe some kind of peace treaty point system will come from it.

            forums are fun.


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              well iv been on server when iv dont it . and i allways say sorry i pulled up so you went up as the same time . ok np
              iam told . then again iv been kicked for it as well some players are ok as it will happen its the clan players that dont like it


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                I once got a load of abuse when I was in a J-10 against the AH-1Z on Daqing Oilfields. I locked on to him from a fair distance and I'm flying above him and off to the right so I don't hit him. But ... he pulls up and backwards and ends up smashing into my side (not my front).

                Instant kick vote and the load of "rammer" started coming.


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                  lol ive had that happen before.