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Command & Conquer; Red Alert 3 announced

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  • Command & Conquer; Red Alert 3 announced

    Originally posted by Source: PC Gamer Magazine
    The sequel to (arguably) the best RTS game ever made has just been announced and now all eyes are on EA to make a worthy follow-up to the best of all the Command and Conquer games. Red Alert 3 is officially in development.

    Details are thin on the ground - very thin in fact, and the announcement has yet to be truly unveiled, but we know the game is being worked on and that's enough for us.

    PC Gamer US has bagged the exclusive announcement apparently and early pictures of the cover show concept art of Tanya in full Soviet get-up.

    So, aside from that there really isn't anything to say and we'll have to wait until the magazine is released on March 4th to learn anymore. All this waiting - magazines really drive me up the wall nowadays.

    On the plus side, PC Gamer is offering up a chance to win a spot in the Red Alert 3 beta.


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    SWEET!!! :yay:


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      nice man...!


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        "Buyers' Guide to IRL WoW Loot"



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            It's been a while since Red Alert series has made a comeback.


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              I used to play RA2 so much when I was younger, really good to hear about this, on valentines day too, Yuri will be receiving a red asshat.


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                no way!!!!!!!!!!! i ought to play YR to celebrate.


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                  I still play Red Alert 2


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                    New information:

                    New info from a magazine, thanks Hagren for the translation.

                    Every unit has secondary functions. The allied tank for instance is able to concentrate radar beams to be used as a scouting unit
                    -Altough not visible on the screens, there’s going to be massive damaging in RA3, with weapons carving colossal craters into the ground
                    -Most structures are placeable on water for extra cost
                    -Ships can only “land”/leave shore on sand, so its crucial to defend these areas
                    -The article writer claims that the impressive graphics don’t shine through the screens. In his opinion, graphics are much better compared to CnC3, he’s especially flabbergasted by the animations
                    -The Russians have a submarine called “ Akula” which isn’t simply deadly against ships, but is able to train divers as well
                    -The Bullfrog transport ship doesn’t have to set shore, its able to “shoot” out the units it’s carrying
                    -The Japanese Seawing bomber is able to transform into a submarine simply by falling into the water
                    -Sea battles will be crucial in this game
                    -The Japanese enroll a water-affin tank called “Tsunami” which is both heavily armoured and powerful, and slower on land than in water
                    -The campaign can be co-operatively played with a friend from start to finish. If theres no one to play it with, you can choose between an array of AI allies to fight the war
                    -SC2s lead designer worked on RA3 before he went to Blizzard
                    -Gameplay will be much slower, an aspect, along with the beta, that the team concluded from TW. The writer confirms this slowdown.
                    -Enemy soldiers freeze upon Allied dogs’ barking
                    -The Mobile V4 is able to swim as well, but its main draw points is the precise and area- effective attack.
                    - The Russians’ submarine, the Stingray Nasad, sports tesla-launchers, and is a rather small, but fast unit
                    -The writer praises the smooth animations, explosion effects and water in general again and again, its crazy!
                    --Live-action FMVs are back mixed with CGI and outdoor scenes
                    -The writer holds that RA3 wont be as good as SC2, but damn close, and even better than RA2
                    -No Yuri
                    -Atmosphere is top notch
                    - Expansion pack is already planned

                    Only downside is that already a expansion pack is coming while the real game isn't even out :laugh:

                    EDIT: Official video announcement of RA3 here.
                    Click the ''Red Alert 3 Announcement Video - English'' in the Flash Player.

                    You can also participate in the RA3 beta by pre-ordering C&C3: Kane's Wrath. More info found about that here:

                    First screens found here + Quicktime RA3 announcement:


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                      Fantastic, sounds great.

                      "-Enemy soldiers freeze upon Allied dogs’ barking"

                      seems a bit ridiculous.


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                        If i was confronted by a snarling pack of German Shephards, i would freeze...


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                          Originally posted by [MyIS]Alex
                          If i was confronted by a snarling pack of German Shephards, i would freeze...
                          In the context of Red Alert 3 however, you're likely to be a lethal, grisly Soviet battle-hardened soldier packing a lot of heavy weaponry

                          And you "freeze" at a few little doggies?


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                            When those dogs can rip you to bits, yes. At least a bullet or shell is relatively quick.


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                              Yeah, the death by dogs in CoD4 also isn't really refreshing. Those bastids rip your whole neck open.