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  • HOLY SMOKES!!! This mod ROCKS

    Greetz All,

    I just downloaded and installed the AIX mod last night and all I can say is WOW!! These guys are extremely talented and to be honest, should be working for DICE or EA!! The mod is what BF:SF should have been. Awesome weapons...excellent maps (both NEW and modified Dice maps) and the bots are SMART. ( I put a mine down in front of a bot driven tank..a dude ran up and began wrenching my mine!!!)

    I highly suggest you download and install this mod! It injects a HEALTHY DOSE of fun into the stale Vanilla gameplay.

    (I own all expansion packs...and this is far better than all 3 put together)

    Although it is single can do CO-OP with friends on a LAN or if you port forward your router.

    If any of the AIX guys check this thread...YOU guys are INCREDIBLE. (This from a 40 year old gamer that has been playing BF2 for almost 3 years now)

    Can't wait for the 1.1 patch!


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    Hey I downloaded this as well last night

    Awesome mod, the weapons are great (although some are overpowered in MP) and the general mood is awesome.

    Two thumbs up :nod:


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      aww shucks, thats really nice guys

      thanks and you can be rest assured that we are working very hard on the next update


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        It's great to see you're around, DasRoach, because we play rounds together almost every night... lol. I'm very excited about the update in the works and hoping for a few more map conversions, too!

        Yeah, guys you've been missing out! I'm glad you finally got onboard. AIX has been my favorite mod for BF2 (I'm an Engie through-and-through and they did that class right!).

        Let's try to hookup for some coop! I'm normally bouncing around on coop servers each night. Perhaps we can get a round or two in?


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          This doesn't even need to be said.

          AIX is by far the best mod around, taking into consideration of people who can't play online, or don't have servers close by. Its the only mod for BF2 I play.

          Great work.


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            I've been hooked since their first release, and I'm looking forward to the future releases.

            As you guys have said, it's by far the best mod for Battlefield 2!


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              it's good to hear you are enjoying playing the mod. thanks very much for those kind comments people


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                Argh, clivewil is the evil bot who kills me all the time! lol


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                  Well the only thing I don't like is the sniper rifles. I've always hated sniper rifles that zooms in one extra time when rightclicking That's my personal opinion though.

                  Great work with the mod


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                    i no longer play online now due to downloading aix. its all the SP fun without the little kiddies whining.

                    stuff ranks and medals, give me the little bird any day over the peoples choice.


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                      Originally posted by vika09 View Post
                      This doesn't even need to be said.

                      AIX is by far the best mod around, taking into consideration of people who can't play online, or don't have servers close by. Its the only mod for BF2 I play.

                      Great work.
                      Very true words there Vika, i agree that AiX is simply the best mod there is to play for BF2 ever, alltho i play a few other mods too but AiX is my favourite :yay:

                      I can't wait for AiX's new patch to come out >.< Is there even a release date for it?


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                        Let's just say that DasRoach and the boys are working hard to bring us a QUALITY product with as few bugs as possible. Give em time....and they will BLOW us away once again!


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                          Is there a demo movie to view for this mod ?

                          OK just found the movie link on the site.


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                            Looks great, i'll get it tonight.

                            A mate posted this on our forum =EAF= (



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                              I hear ya! Been playing this for some time and keep coming back. I'll even buy a game for 50$ and then get tired of it quickly and then go back to AIX which, of course, is free.

                              Great work to all those involved. I appreciate all the time, effort and hard work.

                              I play everyday mostly co-op. And the bots ARE dangerous, especially in numbers, don't assume they're idiots. So unless you have very good cover the only way to deal with 'em is the high powered machinery. My favorite, as is many others, is the notor littlebird--its my little buddy:evil:

                              While this mod is one of the best I have to disagree with some who say that this should of been what vBF2 was. Conquest on many maps would lead to major balance issues directly correlating to the machines(littlebird for one, the superslam, etc). You can basically keep a whole team down with a good little bird pilot.

                              But for co-op it is just right.

                              Not to mention the plethra of interesting maps.

                              Can't wait for the new release!!!!