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unique desktop crash / SF recognition issues

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  • unique desktop crash / SF recognition issues

    System Specs:

    RAM: 2k
    Latest Drivers installed: My Graph. Card is up to date
    Anti-Virus/firewall: Norton / Windows
    Internet connection: College Highspeed Network

    First off i would just like to say this is my first post, and i really dig your guys' site. And thank you in advance to the admins for having such a helpful website!

    Okay, So I donwload the BF2 Complete collections from EA, totally legit. Everything installs fine, blah blah blah. When I go to play i click the normal BF2 shortcut, not the SF one, and everything is running smooth. About two days later i figure out i need to run SF on my account to get EA to recognize i have it, so i can get the T2 unlocks and whatnot. Here is the problem:

    When i click to join game BF crashes to desktop, but then about 5 seconds later it goes to the main BF screen, then my screen goes black for about 8 seconds, then it starts loading the server. It isn't that big of a deal i suppose, but it is really annoying that a process that should take two seconds (finding and joining a game) ends up taking around thirty seconds.

    What makes it worse is that i do not think EA recognizes that i have SF even though i have played multiple rounds with it. For one, I can't get my T2 l96 sniper unlock, and yes i have the T1 sniper unlock, and two i do not get two unlocks per rank up, just one.

    Granted I forgot to update BF with the lastest patches, 1.41 now i think it is? But i did it when i realized it, but it was after i had just ranked up, so im not sure if that can be taken into account? I thought when EA recognized your profile having SF it gave you all the unlocks you would have missed w/o it? Or do i have to rank up again to get all the ones i've missed?

    So i downloaded 1.41 and i still have this crashing to desktop and it automatically putting me back into the game problem. And yes i installed 1.41 after i downloaded it. But just to make sure it installed right, where do i look to see what version of the game i am running?

    Any information about my crash issue and SF maybe not taking to my account would be very much appreciated!

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    u have to play a round in SF to get the T2 weapons

    also, you probably clicked on the "Play BF2 online now" shortcut which is a really bad way to get into the game. just use Play BF2 button.

    and what was the order you installed BF2, Special forces, and the patch?


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      I didnt use play bf2 online now, i used the play b2 2 special forces shortcut.

      I downloaded the game from EA, it was called the complete series or something like that, came with BF2 BF2 SF Eruo and Armored, so i didnt install then im any order, the EA Downloader did it for me i guess? After the EA Downloader installed it to my comp i downloaded the 1.41 patch, but something tells me it didnt take for some reason, where do i check the patch version im running?

      And like i said before, i did play a few rounds in SF, because the SF shortcut is the one that crashes me and puts me back into the game. This doesnt happen if i just use the Play BF2 shortcut, only when i use the play bf2 sf

      Oh yea, and the reason why i don't think 1.41 is installing right is because in the main page of BF2 under the quit buttin it has these numbers "1.1.2965-707.0" I figured this might be the current patch version i am running, and i dont see a 1.4 anywhere in there

      Also, this only happends to the first game i try to join after clicking on the play BF2 SF, after that its fine, but still it is a problem i'd like to fix. Also all of the server that come up when i go to multyplayer all have a red 2 beside it, are the sf servers supposed to have a green 2? So i guess im not even getting the option to play on a SF server


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        Should be v1.1.2965.797.0

        EDIT: Start regular BF2, login, click community, custom games, then start SF from there. See if thet works


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          bf2 is dropping back to the desktop to load up the SF mod. If you start BF2 using the 'play SF' shortcut it shouldn't do that - It should load SF and go right to the menu. sounds like maybe your SF shortcut is broke. check the properties and make sure it points to your bf2.exe and has this after it: +modPath mods/xpack

          example: "c:\program files\ea games\battlefield 2\bf2.exe" +modPath mods/xpack

          also BPCrusher is correct. if your game has that number he posted, then you are correctly patched to version 1.41.

          also when your playing SF, you wont be able to choose the 2nd group of unlocks: ie: (L96 sniper, G36E medic, etc..). those are only available in the regular bf2 maps.

          can you post your bf2 in-game nick so we can look up your account and see what unlocks you should have?
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