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  • Help with making video?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into making a video ( like one of those cool cop chases with that guys voice who sounds funny but serious at the same time) But not sure what to use for a program to make the video, or to record I should ask. I have access to most video editing programs so give me some advice, and if yall are interested in pushing me along or want to help me out drop a post or pm me on xfire: bricro Aim: brick181 or just if you wanna give me a holller.

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    I'll add you later, but some tips:

    Make a local server so you can create a demo file: demo.recorddemo name
    Use Battledirector Battlelauncher to view the demo without nametags
    Use fraps to record the footage.
    Edit with editor of choice (I prefer Sony Vegas/After Effects) Although Premier is great as well.

    GTG to class, I'll add you later.


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      Where can I get Battledirector?


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        Google is your best friend. I believe that is the correct version, but I can't check it. All the stupid sites here at school are blocked.


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          thanks man!

          Hey all, Was wondering if anyone could help me find some footage from John Bunnell from World's Craziest Police Chases, his voice makes everything so funny. anyways if you can find a good one on youtube or googlevideo give me a shout, I'm having no luck finding any videos.