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Cheat free server in Aus?

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  • Cheat free server in Aus?

    Hi guys, new to this forum and couldnt find a thread for my question (sorry if there already is one.) I live in Australia and was wondering if anybody has a server running that is definetly free of cheaters and hacks (maybe password protected!). Ive been playing for a few weeks and am suss on a few players out there who seem to pull off impossible shots. I just want to play cheat free and see how good/bad i really am.

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    yeah, first time I played cod I thought that everyone was hacking but there are ALOT of skilled ppl that pull of amazing shoots out there... Most servers dont have hackers...

    Youve got some aus servers here.


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      yeah dude it is easy to tell if someone is hacking.. just cuz they are doing good or get luckie does not mean they are hacking.. i used to get banned all the time cuz people would say im hacking to the admins.. it was bs ( its hard to be a skilled player) so make sure you spec them and know they are hacking befor you say anything about it... dont just yell out hacking omg hacker just cuz someone used deep impact, seen you on radar and started shooting you on the other side of a wall... (i get called a hacker alot for that reason)


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        In your server browser press ping and all the good ping servers will be up top so they will be AUS servers