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    What's the point in hardcore mode? To me it really seems like the most redundant thing in this game. It doesn't make the game more realistic in my opinion. For some hardcore servers, kill cam is still active which doesn't make sense. Also, you can still use air strikes and call in helicopter support which doesn't seem to fit the Hardcore mode at all. The only noticeable thing it does is remove the Hud which is a minor annoyance.

    There is no server filter for hardcore mode which makes me dislike it even more. If I find myself in a hardcore server I can easily tolerate it but every time I go to look at the hud I find myself thinking "What the heck is the freaking point?". Why take out such a simple and useful part of the game in the name of realism when in fact in real life you know how many mags are in your tac vest, you know how many RPGs are on your back, and you know how many grenades you have.

    Anywase, I'm not bashing hardcore mode, I'm just wondering why it's praised and loved so much by those who use it when it just detracts... And I can't stand servers with friendly fire off, so at least when I join a hardcore server I know it's on. And I certainly hope they make the server browser as advanced as BF2's/2142's but keep it as fast and reliable as it is now.

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    You hit on several issues there.

    All HC needs to remove is the x-hair and the mini-map. The ammo counter and such, were fine.

    HC mode is just IW's attempt at giving the realism community something out of the box that they could enjoy without having to mod the game. Which it succeeds at. The mod community will of course improve upon it, but it's a good base to start from.

    The lack of a server filter for HC mode (or Old School for that matter) is frustrating. I like HC, but I'd like to know without having to guess based on the server name.

    From a game play perspective, HC mode is a nice change up. The value of various weapons, attachments, and perks is weighted differently, which makes you rethink how you approach the game. Which IMO is good. I don't worship it the way some folks do, but I find it a nice change up to the more arcade feel of default CoD4.

    Really all they need to do is add a server filter for it, and most people would be happy.


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      The only thing I have an issue with is the killcam. Other than that, all I have to say is that you should LOOK at the names of the servers. All th hardcore ones say either "hardcore" or "tactical" on them. Possibly even a "realism." And if you don't like it, then don't join the servers with the previously stated names.


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        I personally really dislike hardcore, and it's a real annoyance that there is little to no way of telling (before you join) if the server is running HC mode as a lot of them don't have "hardcore", "realism" or "tactical" on them.

        I enjoy a certain level of arcadish gameplay, I enjoy the ability to take a few slugs whilst running up to knife someone. I hate "realism", if I wanted that I'd join the army (or play AA ).


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          jeez, =BiT= are invading this forum

          Anyway, i prefer hardcore mode. I don't like the fact it takes about a two seconds burst to kill someone in arcade mode. 1-2 shots makes things better.
          It does however slow down gameplay a lot as people use cover a lot more effectively and don't run around Rambo style.

          A bash on Arcade mode is fun now and then, but overall i love hardcore!


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            Hate hardcore myself... they might as well give everyone the same gun because every gun kills in 2 shots so what you need is double tap and a lmg to completely rape.. i like shotgunning but its completely pointless because

            1 - no range

            2 - if you get close enough you still have to be accurate, or else the other guy holds the fire button down, spins around and gets you in his sprinkler-style fan of insta-death


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              Only in hardcore mode can you take out 3 targets with one USP clip.

              In Regular, it takes ~1 clip to take 1 target out. 'Nuff said.


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                Originally posted by [MBMG] Aerialz View Post
                Only in hardcore mode can you take out 3 targets with one USP clip.

                In Regular, it takes ~1 clip to take 1 target out. 'Nuff said.

                But some people like it like that, like me.. As for it not showing, i think they need alot of work on the browser. Simple..


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                  I like Hardcore mode alot. I think it is fun to play in a differnet game mode once in a while. If you don't like it then do not play it, it's as simple as that.

                  It does not take a whole clip to take someone out. It take's about 4 round's and in hardcore mode it take's about 2.. I get where you are coming from, it does seem like more but when you are far away and do not hit them in the chest or above, it can take more depending on the gun.


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                    Originally posted by [MBMG] Aerialz View Post
                    Only in hardcore mode can you take out 3 targets with one USP clip.

                    In Regular, it takes ~1 clip to take 1 target out. 'Nuff said.
                    With a SAW and a grip on hardcore you can take out 75 enemies with one clip. 'Nuff said.

                    I know this is a silly counter argument but it bears about the same weight as yours, because in regular I know it does not take me one whole clip to kill one guy.


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                      I play hardcore because I can fight with any weapon. As a sniper, I should be able to defend myself after my headshot does not kill a juggernaut in regular, and having a pistol that actually does damage is a big help/


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                        My point was that I do not struggle to kill people with the pistol in regular.


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                          <3 Hardcore!

                          Only complaint is the airstrikes and choppers. UAV is a nice thing there, as it actually helps going from no map, to a map with everyone on it (UAV Jammer equipped people excluded). Even a 3 kill streak is harder to pull off, seeing as 1 shot could end it all.

                          Modders will tweak it, but for now it's fun, IMO.


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                            i might have to look into the HC mode

                            I hate the fact you have to hit ppl a few times b4 they fall, u can prob guess, im a realism guy.

                            yes there should be a server filter for it

                            and yes its a great base to start from

                            they should take out AS & Heli's and imo they should also take out nades (frag) and noob tubes. to me they r just ways of getting easy kills. noob tubes would be ok if someone actually used them right, like spotting a guy 100 yrds away then pulling out the noob tube and taking u out, i'd then say good shot...but no, these ppl ran round with the noob tube ready to fire, bloody noobs.

                            stun/flash/smoke should be left in as i think thats comes under tactical play.


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                              Obviously, some people love Hardcore mode, and some hate it. IW put it in because it does simulate some very popular mods from previous COD games, though.

                              I do agree that one thing that's really needed is a browser filter & icon to represent servers running it so that players can choose to play it or not.