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    I threw a grenade once and killed a guy yesterday and I completed some challenge lol, its one of the humiliation challenges, killing a guy with a thrown grenade


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      i was laying in one of those mortar holes in the ground and i noticed someones feet in front of my face and jumping up and down and it was a badguy. i guess he didnt see me and was wondering why he was stuck lol. well he got past me and i stood up turned around and blasted him. i sure hope he saw it on killcam cause that was hilarious


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        Two pretty awesome things happened in my short CoD4 experience.

        1. This guy shanked me with an AK while running, and didn't stop. He keeps running, and closes the space between us fast. He gets close, and just as he switches to his pistol, I knife him while on the ground. Knee-capitation.

        2. Epic scenario. We're playing HQ, and I throw a stun grenade into the room where the enemy HQ is. I kill 2 people, and a guy shoots me down, but I get him back with last stand. I'm close enough to the HQ to still be destroying it, but I thought I would die before it's destroyed, or someone would come get me. A guy pops his head through the window, and I manage to cap him a few times and put him down before he can hit me. The HQ is just about destroyed, and I think I might make it....

        Then I die.

        JUST as the HQ is destroyed! Woohoo. It's cool when you're actually doing it, but probably not as exciting if I just type it out.

        I wanna' do the same thing, but defusing a bomb JUST about to explode while in last stand. Can you defuse while in last stand? That would be epic.


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          i accidentally lobbed a stun grenade all the way over the top of the map, i didnt think anything of it until it said you killed someone with a stun grenade and i was like wtf?

          I was then kicked from the server for hacking


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            I've gotten a few kills with Flast/Stun Nades. Is this normal?


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              Was in an intense duel with some guy, we expended all our ammo dancing around each other in CQC. First the main, then the pistols, and he missed a lunge at me with his knife. For some reason I threw a stun and I first thought "DAMN wrong button," but it smacked him in the back of the dome and killed him.

              I laughed at him about it. He from then on hated me.


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                i killed a guy in last stand mode with a flashbang grenade thrown next to him.. The explosion or force of the flashbang killed him i think..


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                  I was afk for a round in an SD map, I was the last one left and still in the spawn. Just as I get back to my pc I see 2 guys running over to me, probably racing to knife me. So just as they get a few feet away I blast them both in the face Got killed by a third guy though.

                  Everyone was laughing in the deathchat, it was hilarious