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Vista and BF2 help?

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  • Vista and BF2 help?

    I just got Windows Vista and I tried installing BF2 on it but everytime it ask me to load in BF2 Disc 2, an error would appear and say "Failed install - Please restart the installation".
    Can anyone help me out here, I know a couple people say Vista is glitchy and it also told me in the beginning that "BF2 was only tested on XP 64bit"
    Does anyone here have vista and currently running BF2 and the installation fine?

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    First of all it isn't a Vista problem. Start with checking all BF2 disks are clean and no scratches.

    Does anyone here have vista and currently running BF2 and the installation fine?
    Yes, for over 8 months (Vista 64 at that).


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      I run Vista and Bf2, never had that problem.
      However when you do get that installed, you will have to make sure your running the program as an admin, and thats about it.


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        Be sure the install prgm is running as admin as well (should be by default)...


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          Thanks fellas, I'll try that now. One more question though, I read that alot of people say that vista doesn't run it very well, like the gameplay etc... Can anyone explain ?


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            heres a solution... get XP. solved all my vista problems. XP was a good upgrade from Vista.


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              Vista runs great, both x86 and x64, on all of my computers. You either have a scratched disc or a a hardware problem. See if you can copy the discs to your HDD and install from there. (rightclickonCD->explore->copy->pasteinfolders->repeat)


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                I have no problem running bf2 on vista at all, i have connection problems which suck, but nothing to do with vista! lol


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                  game actualy blows !!!!!!!!!!!!!! on vista.

                  you will get high pings,,
                  mouse problems
                  studer in the graphics..

                  major lag shooting someone point blank with m95 several times and not kill them nor damage them.

                  i first played the game in vista ...then decided to try xp..

                  xp runs the game awsome!!.. 1 shot ...1 kill every time....


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                    I have been running BF2 on Vista for almost a year without a problem, and I have come to one conclusion; if anyone is having problems running BF2 on Vista, its because they don't have enough resources to run both. Its NOT because Vista is bad, its because their computer isn't enough (usually RAM). If you have to run BF2 on low to medium settings on XP, upgrade your computer before upgrading your Operating System.

                    Vista is now the standard that XP USED to be ...get onboard, and welcome to the 21st century.