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point of cammo?

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    Originally posted by Arid View Post
    USA camo FTW!!!!!:yay::yay:
    Lol, that stood out like a beyotch. Ga-Ko was the coolest, but still the best combo is the Stealth selected and The Sorrow's camo

    Got through the game without any alerts, i was pretty happy at that point


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        IMO Red Tiger Camo looks great, better than any other camo. <3 it


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          Originally posted by Covert_Fox View Post
          IMO Red Tiger Camo looks great, better than any other camo. <3 it
          I personally think it looks horrible, woodland or digital for me. But if you like it then good for you, enjoy it.


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            depending on which gun I like digital the most


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              Originally posted by Killa4live View Post
              He wants to know wheter the gun cammo really works.

              Aswer is yes, if ur sniper and laing grass ur ****ed if ur gun is black.

              Also if ur with a normal kit hiding somewhere, and ur guns sticks out, with the right cammo for that environment, they will not see it as quickly unless they are looking straight at it or are very close.

              I have had 5 instances where i was ASSAULT with right cammo and people just walked straight past me, i wasn't in grass or something, i was just near a wall with same colour.
              You're ****ed either way, a sniper anywhere from 50m+ can be seen, it's like a rock in the grass, I hate this, but at least it works a bit.