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  • Pipeline & Depot

    Has anyone noticed how similar Depot from CoD1 and Pipeline are? They are not the same, but they do have some things alike.

    Here is a depot overhead shot

    1) The fuel tanks are the silos on the south side next to the large two-story building.

    2) That large, two story building looks somewhat like an office. It has offices on the upstairs level. Doesn't look similar to the CoD Depot's office, but still

    3) The other large building has vehicles in it (I think). Instead of a tank hangar, it could be a car garage or something.

    4) The car garage bulding has a ladder going up to a second level. At the top of the ladder, there is a room with a small, slanted ceiling. Go through the doorway and you can climb the next ladder to the third-floor. Almost 100% the same appearance as Depot's two buildings. It has open windows, closed windows, closed windows with broken glass, and some partly open windows. If you go out the two open windows (also the same) you will go out onto the roofs. One roof is across from the other building, and one overlooks the train yard.

    5) Train yard (CoD4) = Railyard or the loading docks. Train cars stationary on the tracks. You can climb in some and run between the cars. Also has a station's platform.

    6) The large two-story building with offices also has a roof you can climb on.

    I just thought it was cool how alike they are.

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    Dam, nice eyes. It is a complete copy. (almost)


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      Maybe they followed the same design for that and made a few improvements. You cant really say they just imported it and kept things cheap as there would have been a bit of work to transform it into modern times :P.

      Nice find though .


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        I notice that too and i love that map both of them i mean but specially the new version.


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          Yeah I noticed it when you could get on the roof of the tin buildings. Pretty cool how they did it.


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            I'm sure the older maps influenced the design of newer ones.


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              also, bloc is a newer version of pavlov. at least i see the similarities.


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                yeah, there are quite a few similarities between some of the new maps and original COD maps.