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Bf2142 Titan Memory Error Fix

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  • Bf2142 Titan Memory Error Fix

    Hey, hope this was not posted elsewhere, but it has proven valueble to me, so I thought I would post it. Upon checking out the new issue of PC Gamer, they had a hot fix for CRYSIS, this is for windows Vista, one for 32 bit, and one for 64 bit versions. The fix is This fixed my titan games for me. I was crashing after every map. Conquest used to crash after 5 or 6 maps. Never happened on my XP system, but got a new computer with vista, and started getting the crashes. No problems since. I also updated my video driver (computer is only 1 month old and already a video update?) from the n vidia site. It is called a Virtual Address Space Hotfix. No problems since. Everything running smooth as butter.

    My system specs

    Dell XPS 720
    Windows Vista 32 bit home premium
    Intel E6850 3.0 gig core 2 duo
    Corsair Dominator 2Gig ram overclocked
    Nvidia 8800 GTX
    Creative X-Fi HD sound card

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    What did you have to pay for a pre-built with those specs?
    Im just wondering heh.