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Mega question for sexy australians.

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  • Mega question for sexy australians.

    Ok so this question goes out to all your Aussie's out there playing on the XBOX version (or anyone else that can answer the question).
    I love the game, like, it is amazing.
    But when I play online (XBOX) the majority of the time I get connected to a Us based server.
    I think I've played twice in an AUS server and had a good ping (green)
    But a lot of the time I am against US players which is real bad.
    The kill cam shows stuff completely different to what actually happened.

    Anybody know why this is?
    Are any Aussies out there having the same problems?
    How are XBOX servers actually hosted? Because the host must actually be there.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have the same problem with rainbow 6:vegas, normally when i eventually find a australian server with people on it i will just add all the australians and invite them to my game when i start one or join them when they are in one.