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  • This Is Bf2!!

    The last USMC soldier from his squadron rolled around the corner, gunning down the last lone scout in the area and depleting the last of his ammunition, glancing down at his equipment the soldier observed that all he had left was a knife, a flash bang and his grappling hook. "****.." the soldier muttered, hearing the not-so-stealthy approach of a enemy battalion. Coming up the stairs the MEC squad leader raised a hand, signaling a stop, "Keep moving" he said with a wicked smile, "I will deal with this one my self". Chuckling amongst themselves the rest of the squad moved on to find another group to attack. Drawing his knife the US soldier and the MEC soldier began circling, the fight began in earnest, the two of them fighting with equal skill, the duel came to an abrupt stop when the USMC plunged his knife into the others belly, with a chuckle the MEC soldier pulled the knife out of his belly and grinned. "This is glitchy, the hitboxes are awful!" the USMC soldier protested. "Glitchy..." the MEC soldier paused, "THIS! IS! BF2" and he drove his knife into the US soldiers throat. The knife caused not a squirt of blood but a puff of smoke. "Yes," the USMC soldiers agreed as he drove his knife into the others stomach, "it is".

    I was bored

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    nice lol:laugh::laugh:


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      yeah man i like it lol


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        funny.. yet sadly it is so true