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    Hello i created a Dedi Server using the server files from the main EA Site

    i made it all fine but when i connect i disconnect in under 1 minute. but someone from my network connected he didnt discconect so is it that hosters are not aloud on? and other people can join aswell

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    I assume you are playing on LAN?. Are you hosting the server on your computer and trying to play at the same time? If so, try using the in-game server launcher. Do you have the latest 1.41 patch for your computer?


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      no i did not create a Local, i have port forwarded and hosted a dedicated server with the EA server files and yes i am trying to play at the same time, and yes it is patched.

      other people can join apart from me i get disconnected after 30 seconds

      thanks for the reply


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        Originally posted by savell21 View Post
        i have port forwarded
        Thats good so far.

        You may try logging in to your modem and setting a static ip while you are at it. Make sure that your firewall is not blocking anything. I remember that I had to explicitly set the dedicated files through my firewall a long time ago.

        Record your game IP. Go the the command prompt and type "ping XXX.XXX.XX.XXX" without the quotes and substituting the server ip address. It should ping really quickly. That will help rule out any network card/router problems.


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          already got static, turned off firewall, i no my ip off by heart and yes it said the ports are accesable, the only person that cannot join is me (well i can i just get connection lost after 30 seconds.) i will try that ping see what it sais.